How To Incorporate Email Marketing Tactics For Small Business


Email marketing is a business technique that involves sending commercial messages to a large group of people at the same time through emails. A business would find emails useful when it comes to enhancing sales, increasing brand loyalty, and updating customers about the various products and services they offer professionally.

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing techniques by marketers. What this means is that it works; however, since a lot of people are using it, you have to ensure you stand out. 

Here are some ways to incorporate email marketing into your business.


Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is a widely followed marketing email tactic used to keep in regular touch with your subscribed customer base. A regular and consistent newsletter keeps the customer interested in your business. This opens an opportunity for you to build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your clients.

These email newsletters keep the customer updated. You can add links to your top-selling products. Many brands give their newsletter subscribers exclusive benefits like secret discount coupons, and they are the first ones to know about in-store and online seasonal sales.

Some companies provide their users with knowledgeable data and facts. By doing this, they establish themselves as industry leaders.


Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are another form of email marketing for small businesses. These are automated and sent to the subscriber at a scheduled time. 

These emails are sent to the customers when they take a particular action on your website. They save you from the trouble of manually sending emails to each and every customer when they perform a certain task. For instance, a band’s label sends teaser emails containing a brief message about an upcoming album to be released. Another teaser email is going to be sent several days later, containing the tracklist of the album.

The next drip email will contain the small print on when the album is going to be released, also as the way to purchase the album or the music, and where.

Email drip campaigns use professional email templates that help small businesses remain connected to their leads and current customers. This is an easy way to build a healthy customer-brand relationship.

Drip campaign emails can also be about ‘recommended content’. These emails are sent to a customer suggesting  new products based on the choice of their last buy.


Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are automated emails sent out to a reader when they sign up for a regular email update on your website or make an account on your website. 

A welcome email is directed towards welcoming the subscriber, followed by a brief message; you should also help them understand the kind of content you are planning to send them via your future emails.

This is the most common type of email marketing tactic. Whether small or not, all businesses should send out these emails when someone subscribes to their email list. It is important to make your emails look attractive yet professional, and this can be done easily by using a business email template. These templates make emails look more attractive with the use of images, text, and colors.


Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails are sent when a shopper adds something to their cart but does not complete the purchase. Delivering a well-timed cart abandonment email creates a chance to continue the conversation with a really important constituency of customers: those who carted an item, started the checkout process, but for some reason chose to not convert.

These emails are sent as reminders about the abandoned carts, with a goal to find out what has led to the customer’s passiveness or disinterest in a product. These aim to get a response from the customer so the company can help them in their customer journey by answering a customer’s queries and questions about the product. Such emails denote that the brand is standing in the front line to help customers with any problem they face with respect to the product.


Conversion Nudge

Conversions happen when your leads or prospects eventually go down the purchase stage and buy your product. Email marketing centered towards getting conversions influences the sale and revenue of the company proportionally.

These emails are focused on solving customer problems. They can be a series of emails guiding the customer through the website and assisting them through the purchase process.


Order Confirmation Emails

When a customer places an order with a brand, they should receive an order confirmation email. These emails confirm the customer’s purchase and send a receipt of their order or payment for the same. 

These emails are also important as a means of giving the customer a view of your brand’s authenticity and originality. They serve as an official document for online purchases.

For example, you have started an online clothing store. Your brand is new in the market. When a customer places the order and receives an order confirmation and order receipt email, the customer automatically develops trust in your brand. 


Announcement Emails

Announcement emails plays major role in conversion. These emails convert your leads into clients. They remind the customer why they visited your brand in the first place.



Use these email types to create an email marketing strategy to target your audience and change your leads into your customers.

Test different tactics to conclude what suits your goals the best.

This is a guest post from our friends at Email Uplers.