Amazon launches Flex in Brisbane, hiring freelance delivery staff

Delivery platform should speed up delivery times in Brisbane, Amazon says.

Distribution service platform Amazon Flex is launching in Brisbane, allowing users with their own vehicles to sign up to make deliveries within the territory.

The service, which also allows Amazon to increase its delivery capacity within Queensland, is already operational in Sydney and Melbourne with more than one thousand delivery partners. Partners can use the app to select from a range of four-hour delivery blocks depending on their schedule, during which time they will collect packages from a nearby delivery station and ship them to purchasers.

Payments are calculated according to estimated delivery time with a minimum per block, and transferred by direct deposit weekly.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer hundreds of flexible earning opportunities to people in Brisbane at a time when they are more needed than ever,” said Amazon Australia director of operations Craig Fuller. “Expanding our Amazon Flex network into Brisbane gives us the ability to respond to peaks in customer demand, while providing our Brisbane customers more ways to get goods delivered directly to their doorstep. Our role in supporting the community during this time is an important one and we are committed to getting people the items they need, when they need them.

“Ultimately, Amazon Flex will result in faster delivery promises for our Brisbane customers.”