Beginner Tips for Launching Your Way Into Video Marketing


With today’s overwhelming enthusiasm for platforms like Instagram Live, TikTok, YouTube, and many others, we can be sure that video marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, data from Wyzowl shows that 85% of companies use some sort of video marketing, and that 87% of those who do have seen an increase in site traffic from those channels.

Video marketing does have a relatively high barrier to entry when compared with simpler marketing strategies, so it can be an intimidating channel to tackle if you don’t have any past experience. To help you better understand how you can get started in video marketing, we’ve broken down the basic steps and tips below.

The first thing to consider is the types of videos you want to focus on. In general, there are six video marketing formats that are the most effective for demonstrating your expertise and getting your audience excited about your product.


1. Testimonials  

One of the most tried and true video marketing formats, testimonials usually consist of one or more clients/customers talking about why they love your product, what it’s done to help them, and why they would recommend you to others. These types of videos are relatively easy to produce and are excellent additions to your “case studies” or “about” website pages.


2. Product Demonstration 

These types of videos are pretty straightforward. They’re used to showcase a new product or service to show off its features and get viewers excited about buying it. Think of gameplay samples for video game companies or unboxings for beauty products.


3. Personal Advice

Today’s younger buyers want to connect with brands on a personal level. Advice videos allow you to put a face to the brand and reach out to your customers on a deeper level. Advice videos help you generate trust in your audience, and you can cover topics that are important to them. Think of a real estate agent advising on market trends and investment or a beauty company founder talking about their skincare routine.


4. Expert Interviews 

Expert interviews allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and show off your valuable networking connections. In expert interviews, you typically invite a guest to have a conversation with you about a topic that is highly relevant to the industry you work in. These long-form videos are great both to post in full on your website and to break up into smaller chunks for social media posts.


5. Live Streams

Live streams are hosted through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, and are usually used for showcasing live events. These types of videos give users a more personal look into your brand as the footage is completely candid.


6. Educational

Although similar to product demonstrations, educational videos are more about teaching viewers how to properly use your product vs showing off what it does. Good topics for educational videos can be sourced from your audience – think of questions you frequently receive in your inbox or social DM’s.


In addition to the types of videos you create, you also need to think about how to create them (hire a professional or DIY), where you should be posting them (in short, everywhere!), and any other tips and tricks that can make the process go more smoothly the first time around. Take a look at the graphic from RentSpree below for additional information on how you can get started in video marketing:


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