Coles creates carpark from recycled soft plastics

Coles has installed a concrete slab car park made partly from recycled soft plastics at its Horsham store in Victoria, after working with local recycling organisations Red Group and Replas.

The carpark is the first commercial construction project in Australia using Polyrok, a sustainable alternative to the usual aggregate minerals normally used in concrete. Recycled plastic bags and soft plastic packaging from the RedCycle program were used.

“As one of Australia’s largest food retailers, we know how important it is to support initiatives that help to close the loop with soft plastics. This project alone will help repurpose approximately 900,000 pieces of soft plastic, to be used in the carpark at the soon-to-be-completed Coles Horsham redevelopment,” said Coles state construction manager Victoria Fiona Lloyd.

“We’ve worked with Red Group, Replas and RMIT University throughout the whole development process and we’re excited to see how we can use this technology at more of our stores.”

Coles uses Polyrock cement that contains recycled plastics.

The Federal Government is prioritising developing new national standards and guidelines to use recycled materials for roads and other projects in Australia.

Coles is celebrating National Recycling Week including a new food-waste diversion project in Queensland. It is also featuring new sustainability features at its latest supermarket in Chatswood, New South Wales.