Save Time and Money With NHPA Business Services

NHPA Business Services

November 30, 2020


Running a home improvement operation requires your full attention. One way NHPA supports independent home improvement retailers is by developing partnerships with trusted business services organizations. Learn more about these services below or visit

  • Health Insurance
    Health insurance is a major concern for every employer. Whether you have one employee or 1,000, the NHPA Health Insurance Plan makes offering insurance to employees more affordable. The plan is available to retailers in every U.S. state and offers great benefits with low group rates and the flexibility to choose your plan design. 
  • Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance
    Member Insurance provides risk management and insurance services and education to independent home improvement retailers. Their services include business insurance, workers’ compensation and more. 
  • Credit Card Processing and Payment Services
    Clearent provides quality payment solutions for your business. They offer low credit card processing fees and the latest payment service technology, including mobile, wireless and e-commerce payment solutions. 
  • Human Resources Management
    Group Management Services (GMS) is a human resources company that serves small businesses that may not have in-house HR staff. They manage human resources tasks that small and midsize businesses don’t have the time or expertise to effectively manage, such as payroll and tax, risk management and employee benefits. 
  • POS Integration
    Your web presence is more important than ever. Pointy’s POS integration helps you drive online traffic directly to your brick-and-mortar store by connecting to your barcode scanner. Each product you sell or scan populates online, allowing customers to discover your store and products on Google search results pages. Connect via the Pointy app or box, which is now available for $79. 

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