Hot Products – December 2, 2020

LexelElastic Sealant
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Lexel® is the #2 selling SKU in the caulk aisle! Let customers know—it’s the tough elastic sealant for every job. Paintable and available in crystal clear and white, Lexel sticks to most anything, wet or dry. It is the instantly waterproof all-purpose sealant with a maximum stretch of 800 percent, so it won’t crack over time.

Sashco or 800-767-5656

Single Jack ChainSingle and Double Jack Chain
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Halechain™, now Wire Belt Company, manufactures and inventories nine sizes of single jack chain and two sizes of double jack chain. Available in different finishes and materials.

Wire Belt Company or 603-644-2500

Level BoltSmart Lock
Level Bolt is a retrofit smart lock that hides inside a door and replaces the interior mechanical elements of existing deadbolts. Existing interior and exterior components are re-attached over the smart bolt, so the door’s overall aesthetic doesn’t change.

Level or

Deadbolt Smart Lock ConvertorDeadbolt Smart Lock Converter
From Wyze Labs the Wyze Lock is a device that fits to existing deadbolts and comes with a Wi-Fi bridge that converts locks into modern smart home devices that can be opened with the existing keys.

Wyze Labs

Burglar DeterrantHome Burglar Deterrence
GeroTech Innovations HomeShadows makes homes appear occupied when homeowners are gone. HomeShadows turns on automatically at dusk and the 60 LED lights create the illusion of movement within the home. 

GeRoTech-Innovations GmbH or

Kitchen CleanerKitchen Cleaner
Diamond Shine™ Kitchen Cleaner is a professional strength NSF® certified cleaner for spillovers, stains and fingerprints. It is ideal for smooth top ranges, ovens, stainless steel appliances, cookware and sinks. It can remove rust, hard water stains and limescale and restore stainless steel and porcelain to like-new condition.

Diamond Shine or 833-444-7224

Snow Roof RakeSnow Roof Rake
From EZ Smart Tools, this roof rake helps homeowners avoid leaks from ice dams and stress from the weight of snow by keeping roofs clear. With the lightweight, snap-together extension pole, users don’t have to leave the ground.

EZ Smart Tools

Drain CoverOutdoor Drain Cover
Drain Defender is a patented solution that keeps leaves, grass, blossoms and other yard debris from clogging outdoor drains to avoid flooding in basements and expensive drain clean-outs. 

Drain Defender

Portable UV LightPortable UVGI Lamp
From Wild Ideas Light Co. Ltd., the PureCleanUVC™25 is a portable UVC light specially designed to kill microorganisms on surfaces such as plastic containers, countertops, cash registers, doorknobs, toys, cardboard boxes, computers and more.

Wild Ideas Light Co. or 720-933-4784

Outdoor Lighting SystemOutdoor Light System
The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard is an integrated LED outdoor light that works for highlighting the garden or lighting a pathway and can be set to any of the 16 million colors using the smart control.

Philips Lighting or 800-555-0050

Battery Backup Light BulbBattery-Backup Light Bulb
Safelumin is an uninterrupted lighting system that works in normal LED and CFL outlets and switches; and when the power goes out the Safelumin light bulbs switch back on automatically for uninterrupted lighting. When the power is on, Safelumin light bulbs charge for the next power outage. 

SafeLumin or 262-885-1200

Sensor NightlightSensor Night Light
The Yeelight Rechargeable Sensor Night Light comes on automatically as soon as it detects motion, illuminating the way with soft, warm light. The nightlight lasts up to 120 days on a full charge. The lithium battery recharges via micro USB.

Yeelight or

Hose ValveErgonomic Hose Valve
From Alpha hose, Flik-It Spig-It is an ergonomic hose valve that uses vacuumed water pressure to help turn on and off the flow of water with the flick of the switch on the valve. 

Alpha Hose or 754-301-4567


Decking System

Decking System
Decktec™ Decking System helps pros and DIYers lay decking twice as fast as regular decking, while ensuring consistent spacing, protecting wood from deterioration and holding boards in place during installation. Each box includes (80) 25mm clouts and 20 weather-proof joining pads.

Decktec™ or