Mission Possible – Train Your Retail Sales Team On How To Sell

how to sell retailA lot has been written about the gamification of employee training. The idea is the short-wins you get from a game keep you hooked on moving through the process.

Many think gamification is about apps that show videos where learners get to embody unique characters and choose virtual prizes as they win different levels.

But at the heart of gaming is the idea of removing barriers to the prize. As you eliminate the barriers, you’re able to win and go on to the next level.

I submit that brick and mortar retail is much like gaming.

The path to competing against online retailers is about both removing barriers that keep employees from engaging shoppers and closing the sale, and then rewarding them for their successes.

I submit that the CEO who sees lagging sales and doesn’t know what to do must commit to sales training that helps their retail employees win the game.

The Marketing Director whose overuse of the discount lever has decimated margins must commit to realizing the game isn’t about more bodies in the store but the small wins that sales staff make that count and add up to big profits.

The Sales Manager who has become little more than a task manager counting, organizing and transferring merchandise must be trained on how to lead their team to victory.

For all three and the sales associate, the game starts with understandingly clearly what they are trying to accomplish.

I submit that anyone that has anything to do with your retail store has to be trained to win the game like they’ve never won before. And I submit that my SalesRX is the best way to do just that.

I suggest you do a kickoff to this retail sales training game much like Mission Impossible began each episode with an audio tape of instructions and a specific goal. I suggest you all begin:

“Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn how to build rapport and sell your merchandise so the next time a customer walks in your door, they are approached with more confidence, and they find a trusted adviser who makes the sale.”

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Once you look at winning the game of retail, your senses are heightened and you start to see the possibilities. Your mind starts working on positive change and what would be necessary to achieve it. Much like a retail shopper, you have tapped into the power of wonder when the rest of the retail world is stuck in fight or flight.

As you look at possibilities of retail sales training, you have to remember to provide incentive for your store associates. My SalesRX online training provides small wins for your employees as they learn to remove barriers to making the sale.

As your employees move through the levels of training, they gain more confidence and learn to open their heart to strangers by listening to them and exploring with them all your store has to offer.

Here’s how my online retail sales training works:

  •      You sign up the number of users you want to train.

  •      You receive an email that explains how to get started.

  •      You receive a suggested training plan of learning blocks.

  •      You get an outline that details what each stage should look like on your sales floor and how to correct anything amiss.

  •      Then you assign your retail sales team two lessons per week that they complete off the floor on a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  •      The Learning Manager checks to ensure that all crew members use what they learned on the sales floor.

SalesRX helps you grow your conversions, average check, and profitability. One user sent this comment:

“Our sales have gone from up a few percent to up to close to twenty percent.  What is exciting, is that we are essentially just scratching the surface of your lessons.” – Charlie Rea

With SalesRX your store associates aren’t nameless, faceless masses. Instead, based on their individual responses, they get a personal learning path that differs from your other employees. It’s the closest thing to having me personally train your retail staff you can get.

Most training programs try to go wide but are shallow. SalesRX goes narrow and deep into how to build rapport with a stranger, how to become a trusted adviser, how to sell your merchandise using my proven sales process, understanding the differences between personality styles and generations, as well as how to avoid showrooming. It is simply the most comprehensive training you’ll find.

Your retail sales team gains confidence, motivation, and positive emotions through the bite-sized wins with each lesson that gradually escalate into big results.

All that leaves for your learners to do is for you to provide positive feedback on the sales floor as they use the information they learn and you see the customer experience begin to flourish. And if you get pushback from some employees, there are specific ways to help them get with the program.

In Sum

It is so important to destroy every barrier to employee success and improved profitability.

It may seem like I am thumping my own chest, and I may be, but I only have your best interests at heart.

Don’t you want to win at the game of retail?

Aren’t you tired of spinning your wheels?

Of course you are. You want to win, and so do your employees.

Think of my online retail sales training as a bridge between where you used to be and where you want to be.

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