Still Not Convinced You Need Retail Sales Training? Think Again!

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You’ve searched online trying to find some answers to increase your retail sales. You’ve been trying to attract more customers, but nothing seems to be working.

Maybe you’ve been trying to hit sales figures from a few years back and try as you might, it just seems like you’re working harder and making less progress.

Or you’ve tried more promotions to get people in the door, and you’ve ended up with a reliable group of discount customers who will come out of the woodwork – if you make the deal steep enough.

The trouble is, your bills are increasing, but you have less cash to pay them.

Maybe you’ve even adopted the trend of letting customers buy online and pick up in store. It seems customer-focused, but it adds a layer of procedures to your taxed operations.

Especially since you may have heard some retail consultant tell you to manage your labor as a percentage of sales. That means as sales have dipped, you have fewer and fewer employees to do the work needed to run the store.  

If you were to ask your employees, they might even tell you  each day is like going into battle to meet the multiple demands of their time.

And that might be why you have high turnover.  

It’s only going to get worse… 38 percent of workers plan to change employers in the next five years, according to the Hay Group.

Oh, and if you employ Millennials, those who are between 20 and 40, maybe you’ve noticed they are curious and highly educated. For them, when a job stops being new, they’re done.  When each day is spent answering, “Where is this?” or “Where is that?” and then they take the customer to this or that, the pall of sameness settles over them, and they go looking anywhere else for excitement.. anywhere but with your customers.

You need to raise your average ticket…

You need to raise your average number of items per ticket…

You need to cut down on turnover…

You need to get a high return on your investment in the money you pay your crew already…

All of those can be fixed by a strong training program

And here’s why…

Employee training on how to engage and respond to customers allows every interaction to be unique and varied. The salesperson has more fun, and the customers buy more.

The better your sales force knows how to sell, the more they can affect every customer, not just the bargain shoppers. Sales skills turn your employees into sales professionals.

The more your team uses their new sales skills, the higher your average check becomes, which means you are less reliant on coupons and discounts which punish your margins.  In effect, you can do more with less and come up with a new and improved sales strategy.

But none of that can happen unless you make the commitment to change the way you presently run your shop.

If you’ve cut and cut your employees’ hours, you’ll probably have to make an investment and hire more so that each employee‘s first responsibility will be helping, engaging and selling customers – not putting out stock, doing price increases or stock transfers.

And because you will have hired more employees who will be helping, engaging and selling customers, you’ll want to be ready with the best possible ways to do that.

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